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Trump, Jr. and wife headed for divorce

The world certainly takes an interest in the lives of the rich and famous. One such couple, Donald Trump, Jr. and his wife Vanessa Trump, are currently making headlines over reports that the pair plan to divorce. No settlement has been reached as of yet, but the famous family continues to provide interesting news stories to the general public, and especially to readers in President Trump's home away from home, Florida. 

Florida rapper accused of hiding assets during divorce

Vanilla Ice is back in the headlines, but it's not because of a record deal. The Florida rapper, who was popular in the 1990s, is being accused of hiding assets from his former wife during their divorce. She claims that he put marital funds into business accounts without consulting her. 

Divorce isn't like what's in the movies

The cinema, as entertaining as it may be, isn't always known for accuracy. Because of time constraints in film, sometimes major life issues and milestones are generalized or wrapped up more easily than in real life. Depictions of divorce are no different, but a person going through a marital breakup in real life likely knows that the actual experience of ending a marriage can be quite different than in the movies. For those about to enter the divorce process in Florida, they may be relieved to know that divorce isn't as debilitating or dramatic as what is seen on film. 

Weighing housing decisions during divorce

Both during and after a marital breakup, a person can reasonably expect that he or she may need to make a decision about housing. For individuals in Florida, there are a few options. However, a person will likely benefit from weighing the pros and cons of each option, and choosing the one that best reflects the needs and wants of the new single lifestyle. 

The unexpected financial boon of divorce

When it comes to smart money moves, most people don't immediately think of ending their marriage. However, one unexpected benefit of divorce is that it can leave a person in a better financial position than before. Individuals in Florida may be wondering just how that can be, since traditional wisdom warns of the financial risk of separating from a spouse. 

Divorce doesn't necessarily shrink the family

At the end of a marriage, some individuals may fear the loss of close bonds with their children or that the family will become smaller. As it turns out, for many, the family size tends to grow as individuals remarry and add stepchildren to the mix. One study shows that divorce tends to make American families 66 percent larger, as some individuals in Florida may be surprised to learn. 

A divorce can bring unexpected blessings

Some people consider the end of any marriage a tragedy, but compelling arguments exist that say this is not always the case. A divorce can often ease many of the stresses in an individual's life and make room for new healthy energy to come in. In Florida, people may be interested to learn about the unexpected blessings of divorce that come along with the ending. 

New military retirement policy may affect divorce agreements

This year, the United States military will make a shift in how it offers financial benefits to enlisted service people. The new format, called the Blended Retirement System, offers a different set of benefits from the previous legacy plan. For military employees in Florida with less than 12 years of experience, they will have until the end of next year to decide whether they choose to enroll in the new program or stick with the old one. The change has at least one person speaking out about potential pitfalls of the program as it relates to divorce

Divorce and annulment, what's the difference?

Sometimes a person doesn't know how, but they know that they want a marriage to end. Short of disappearing off the face of the earth, what options exist for dissolving the partnership with a spouse in Florida? Some people may have heard of an annulment as an option for breaking up. But what is an annulment, really? And is it different than a divorce

A look at divorce rates by occupation

Increased availability of data in the technological age has led to increased information about people in general. One researcher has analyzed divorce data and was able to determine how rates differed for individuals by occupation and industry. The results of the analysis may be interesting to Florida residents as they ponder the concept of divorce. 

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