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Property division in Florida: Retirement plans

A retirement plan can be a helpful tool for individuals to meet their financial needs after they are ready to stop working. During a divorce, many times retirement plans will be split between the two parties during property division. There are different types of plans, and different methods are used to separate the two. In Florida, a person who uses certain strategies when dividing investment plans can avoid some common fees and penalties. 

Property division: Don't forget the QRDO

During the divorce process, the two parties will likely have to settle some matters pertaining to marital assets. In Florida, if two individuals have been married for a significant amount of time, or are older, they may have investments or retirement plans among the accumulated assets. During property division, the proper forms must be filled out to ensure that investments and retirement accounts can be split between the two parties. One such form is called the Qualified Domestic Relations Order, or QDRO.

Reverse mortgage may aid property division during divorce

As gray divorces are on the rise, more individuals find themselves in need of a way to ensure housing after a marital breakup. During the property division portion of the divorce process, individuals may find themselves negotiating about how to handle the family home. An older person may have a more sentimental attachment to the family home but is facing a mortgage that he or she can no longer pay. Another person may want to leave the home but will face difficulty being approved for a mortgage. One expert has suggested that the reverse mortgage could be a possible solution -- a point of view that may interest some individuals located in Florida. 

Attentive property division can aid late-in-life divorcees

Many individuals are looking for ways to manage finances both during and after a late-in-life divorce. When emotions are high, it can be a challenge to make decisions and think clearly, but if one expends the effort to do so, the result can be worth it. Individuals in Florida may wish to refer to these possible suggestions in order to be better prepared for the property division portion of the divorce and maximize the benefits for their financial situation. 

Equitable property division may require research during divorce

When one is served with divorce papers, the first reaction may be, what now? The next steps may not be immediately clear, and a feeling of being overwhelmed may set in. Financial concerns can suddenly become a reality as the spouses separate and figure out how to cover the costs of living alone, or alone with children, in Florida. During this time, it can be helpful to gather financial information so that the parties can determine how the assets and debts will be divided between them. 

Prenuptial agreements can avoid contention in property division

Prenuptial agreements were frowned upon for many years, but nowadays, many Florida couples see these contracts for what they are. The primary purpose of signing a marital agreement is to give both parties peace of mind in knowing that their respective interests will be protected in the event of a divorce. The contract can be drafted so that the assets that each party brought into the marriage will remain personal property, and what they accumulate and lost during the marriage will be equitably divided in the property division process of divorce.

Property division during a divorce includes retirement accounts

A person may have spent a significant portion of adult life saving with his or her partner in order to have an ample amount of funds for retirement. Perhaps one partner handled more of the household management while the other focused on earning income. Now, the person is facing divorce and is wondering what is fair for property division in Florida? Is there any way to prepare for such a change, also? 

Property division raises questions of how to handle the house

For many couples, the family home is the most valuable asset. During a divorce, an individual will need to figure out with their ex-spouse how the house will be handled. Who will stay, who will go, or will the home be sold are all questions that can be looked at. Property division can have far-reaching impacts on an individual's lifestyle, so for many Florida residents, this is a critical part of any divorce. 

You can protect your property interests in a divorce

Florida readers know that a divorce will certainly have an impact on the financial state of both parties. If you are facing the end of your marriage, you likely have concerns about how this step will ultimately affect you, even years after the process is final. Fair property division and the terms of your divorce order are vital for your post-divorce well-being, and there are things that you can do to ensure the protection of your interests. 

Property division for older divorcees comes with possible expense

A person who has invested heavily in the partnership of a marriage can possibly face a loss upon divestment. Although divorce is an emotional affair, it can also be approached like a business transaction. Rates of later in life, "gray" divorces are rising, and when older individuals divorce, they sometimes face more complicated property division. The longer a pair are intertwined, the murkier are the boundaries of what property belongs to whom. In a recent news article, one expert tries to share helpful information that individuals in Florida may find helpful if they are navigating gray divorce. 

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