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Stay in control with cooperative divorce

The process of ending a marriage is complex and confusing. There is a lot on the line: time with the kids and how to divide finances – to name only a few. These decisions are also coming at a time when emotions are running high. Both about the breakup, but also about the uncertainty of the future and how to best raise the children, together – yet apart.

Actress Kate Hudson discusses raising children after divorce

Blended families are a common part of modern life in Florida and around the nation. Though it can be difficult for parents who are not in a romantic relationship to care for shared children, it is not an impossible task. Actress Kate Hudson has three children each with different fathers, and she recently shared her opinion on how to raise children in a healthy environment under similar circumstances. She credits her mother, Goldie Hawn, for setting a example on how to co-parent after divorce or a breakup.

Getting organized can help with the divorce process

When people in Florida make the decision to end their marriage, it is usually a well-thought-out choice. However, there are still many factors that may be overlooked. Experts say there are several things that one can do in order to be properly prepared before filing for divorce.

Kids of divorce benefit from use of technology to contact parents

When a divorce occurs, it can be especially difficult on any children in the family. They may feel isolated and upset at their inability to talk to the parent who no longer lives at home as often as they used to do. However, a recent study that Florida parents may find interesting suggests that there is an easy way to combat this -- by utilizing social media and texting to communicate with children of divorce.

Experts weigh in on how to handle wedding rings after divorce

There are a great deal of issues to contend with during divorce proceedings. The division of property, splitting assets or determining child custody and support are all common concerns for those who are navigating a divorce here in Florida. However, there are some more difficult decisions that will need to be made that many people might not even consider. One such issue is what to do with wedding and engagement rings after a marriage has ended. Experts have different opinions on how to tackle this problem.

Prenuptial agreement can be useful in a second marriage

People who have been through a divorce know just how detailed the process can be. There are many factors that they likely didn't consider beforehand, but it can be a valuable learning experience. For those in Florida who decide to get married a second time, they may wonder how best to protect themselves and their assets should their second marriage dissolve. Experts say that creating a comprehensive prenuptial agreement is a good choice for anyone, not just those who are wealthy.

Special financial considerations for "gray divorce"

Divorce is usually considered an issue for people in their 30s and 40s, though it can affect people of any age. Here in Florida and around the nation, researchers are seeing a rise in the numbers of people who file for divorce after turning 50. Though it is becoming more common, there are particular financial implications for people in this age group of which they need to be aware.

Mediation: A more peaceful way to end a marriage

Like other methods of alternative dispute resolution, mediation offers Florida couples an opportunity to resolve their divorce-related disputes without the need for litigation. If you are considering moving forward with the process of ending your marriage, you may want to think about this specific option. This provides many couples considering divorce with a more peaceful, cooperative way to end their marriage.

Lessons from the Bezos divorce for your high asset divorce

Florida couples headed for divorce understand that the process ahead can be difficult and challenging, especially for those with particularly valuable assets or wealth. The prospect of a high asset divorce may seem overwhelming, but there are options that may make this process a bit easier. It is possible to secure terms that allow you to secure your long-term interests, even without going to court.

Serious illness can increase chance of divorce for wives

People decide to divorce for a number of reasons. One reason for divorce that some might not think of right away is illness. Despite the vows "in sickness and in health," many Florida couples find the strain of one partner having a serious illness to be too much to contend with, and so their marriage ends. However, researchers have discovered that the risk of divorce resulting from illness is much higher when the ill spouse is the wife.

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