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Child support basics -- who, what and why

More than just a check, child support payments are designed to help a child thrive. In Florida, a person may wonder about the ins and outs of child support, especially if they are newly separated or divorced. With each new situation in life comes questions about the details. In regard to child support, some are wondering - who is it for, who is responsible to pay and why is it important? 

Florida man supposedly owes more than $100k in child support

In a battle spanning 25 years and two states, one woman still pursues back payments she says are owed to her for the care of her children. The father allegedly owes more than $100k in back child support, according to Florida records. Although the children are now older, the mother still hopes to retrieve the money to send the children to college. 

Does child support affect taxes?

A person facing the end of a marriage has lots of details to manage. One detail that may not immediately pop up is how the breakup will affect future tax returns. Taxes, like divorce, are another one of those intimidating issues that most people will avoid if at all possible. But anyone in Florida going through a divorce will eventually need to understand how the change will affect how they file their taxes from now on. Child support and child custody can affect how one files, as well as alimony and retirement accounts. 

What are everyday expenses in child support terms?

When parents in Florida get divorced, they still have a child to take care of. Child support payments are meant to help bridge the financial gap created after one parent leaves. The other parent is meant to cover everyday expenses, and use the support payments to help.

Penalties for unpaid child support

Paying child support is essential for any parent in Florida who has a court order to do so. The Florida Department of Revenue explains that the court order specifies how often child support payments should be made, as well as how much they should be. The money goes toward food, clothing and shelter for the child, which is often enough motivation. 

How Florida’s HB 313 may impact the state’s child support system

If you are a Florida resident with child support obligations and fall behind on payments, you may lose your license, but a new bill introduced by a state representative would modify the system currently in place, should it pass. At the Law Firm of Chris E. Ragano, P.A., we have a thorough understanding of the repercussions involved with failing to pay child support, and we have assisted many clients like you who are either required to pay support, or seeking support from another.

Will I need to modify my child support agreement?

While the judge’s declaration of divorce means your marriage is dissolved, the truth is that all negotiations may not be behind you. If you have children, you will likely still need to spend some time determining the appropriate amounts of child support as both your and your spouse’s financial situations evolve. The Florida Office of Child Support Enforcement outlines the specifics to know  as you revisit the terms of your arrangement.

The basics of Florida child support

When it comes to child support, there are many questions divorced parents can have. Concerns over how much will be required, what qualifies as income and how deductions will be determined are all common. Understanding Florida child support can make the entire process smoother and less stressful.

Rules would mandate child support modifications for inmates

Florida inmates may soon face less of a burden with burgeoning child support debt while they are in prison. The Obama administration is planning to issue new child support rules mandating that states allow inmates to modify their child support orders for the time that they are incarcerated.

Additional child support for private school tuition

For many Florida parents, private school is a must for their children's education. When a couple is no longer together, it may be prohibitively expensive for one parent to pay the cost of the tuition alone. Some custodial parents then ask for courts to order additional child support amounts to help them pay for their children's private school education.

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