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Your eligibility for TRICARE after a military divorce

In many ways, a military divorce is quite similar to a civilian divorce. You are still dealing with the trauma of a family breakup and the difficult decisions about what to do next. The differences involve the benefits to which you may be entitled if you are a civilian married to a member of the U.S. Armed Services. Some of these benefits require action prior to your divorce, and if you miss the opportunity to apply for them, you may lose them.

Military divorce: Enlisting may be an indicator of future divorce

Florida military families make many sacrifices on behalf of the nation. It is one of the highest callings a person can answer, though it is not without its stresses. Long deployments, moving around frequently and other difficulties can greatly affect family life. A recent study examined various career fields and found that military careers may be disproportionately more likely to factor into divorce. It is unfortunate, but military divorce is a reality for many families.

With the right help, your military divorce can end smoothly

Florida military members and their families already deal with difficult situations on a nearly daily basis, but divorce can be particularly tricky for these individuals. While the end goal of a military divorce is the same as that of a civilian divorce -- to end a marriage -- there are complicating factors that can make achieving this goal difficult. Couples must address sensitive issues like child custody, support and alimony all in the complicated realm of the armed forces.

Military divorce rate drops

Military couples in Florida and throughout the United States may be experiencing less stress than in the past. This is the theory of one RAND Corporation researcher to account for a drop in military divorces over the last several years. In 2015, it was at its lowest point in 10 years. However, at 3 percent, it was still higher than the 2.6 percent in 2001 prior to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Why military divorces can get complicated

When military service members in Florida go through a divorce, they face a few extra complications that divorcing civilians don't have to deal with. The military has its own laws that sometimes cause problems when they intersect with state laws. There is also a culture of old-fashioned family values in the military that sometimes results in divorces being kept hush-hush.

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