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Surprising things that do not usually impact a divorce settlement

When a marriage ends, many people wrongly believe that painting their soon-to-be ex in a bad light will help them in a divorce settlement. For most Florida breakups, most of these accusations will have little impact on the property distribution in the divorce. Here are a few things that people are often surprised to learn do not impact divorce settlements in most cases.

New tax laws motivatee some couples to finalize divorce in 2018

Most people hope to finalize their divorces as quickly as possible, but in 2018, there may be some additional incentives to speed up a divorce. Changes to the tax code could impact multiple aspects of a Florida divorce, including alimony payments, property taxes for the marital home and deductions related to children. In some cases, this could impact pre- and post-nuptial agreements that were drafted under the pretenses of previous tax laws.

Divorce can be a success of personal growth

Individuals considering ending a marriage may be reluctant to do so because of fear of failure. However, some experts say that divorce can be an indicator of personal success. Whether a person has made a decision to stop suffering or whether his or her personal growth leads them to move on, ending a marriage no longer has to bear the sting of failure. Individuals in Florida may find this a refreshing perspective when contemplating the end of their marriages. 

Men and women cope with divorce differently

The end of a marriage can be a trying time for any person. The process can come with a period of grief along with the common negotiations of support, property and custody issues. One psychologist has found that men and women tend to face a marital breakup in different ways. Her findings may be of interest to individuals in Florida who may be considering divorce

Tips for divorce finance management

It can be tough to maintain your financial balance at the end of a marriage. Lots of changes are happening physically, financially and emotionally, and it is possible to get swept up and overwhelmed in the whirlwind of divorce. Luckily, many people have been through a divorce, and many others are trained to help a person through this trying time. Some of those in the know have gathered some tips to help a person keep their financial sanity during a tough breakup, which can be applied by individuals in Florida.

Creative ways to announce a divorce

Celebrities live very public lives. That's why, recently, two famous movie stars came together to announce their divorce together on social media. The everyday Florida resident may not find the need to announce the end of a marriage to a throng of fans, but he or she can take some style advice from Channing Tatum and Jenna Delwan Tatum and announce an intent to divorce in a way that is civilized and respectful.

Divorce complications can affect credit, homebuying ability

With any luck, the settlement a person makes at the end of a marriage is clear and final so that it won't affect them unexpectedly in the future. However, if during a divorce the settlement is not clear or loose ends are not tied up, lingering credit and debt problems could reduce a person's ability to purchase a home and can damage his or her credit. In Florida, a person can hope to avoid these issues by applying some common suggestions. 

Trump, Jr. and wife headed for divorce

The world certainly takes an interest in the lives of the rich and famous. One such couple, Donald Trump, Jr. and his wife Vanessa Trump, are currently making headlines over reports that the pair plan to divorce. No settlement has been reached as of yet, but the famous family continues to provide interesting news stories to the general public, and especially to readers in President Trump's home away from home, Florida. 

Florida rapper accused of hiding assets during divorce

Vanilla Ice is back in the headlines, but it's not because of a record deal. The Florida rapper, who was popular in the 1990s, is being accused of hiding assets from his former wife during their divorce. She claims that he put marital funds into business accounts without consulting her. 

Divorce isn't like what's in the movies

The cinema, as entertaining as it may be, isn't always known for accuracy. Because of time constraints in film, sometimes major life issues and milestones are generalized or wrapped up more easily than in real life. Depictions of divorce are no different, but a person going through a marital breakup in real life likely knows that the actual experience of ending a marriage can be quite different than in the movies. For those about to enter the divorce process in Florida, they may be relieved to know that divorce isn't as debilitating or dramatic as what is seen on film. 

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