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February 2019 Archives

Prenuptial agreement can be useful in a second marriage

People who have been through a divorce know just how detailed the process can be. There are many factors that they likely didn't consider beforehand, but it can be a valuable learning experience. For those in Florida who decide to get married a second time, they may wonder how best to protect themselves and their assets should their second marriage dissolve. Experts say that creating a comprehensive prenuptial agreement is a good choice for anyone, not just those who are wealthy.

Facebook used to shame those overdue on child support

Most Florida parents understand the need to take care of their children. For those kids whose parents are no longer in a relationship, it can be even more important. One income is often not enough to support children, and there are those parents who have difficulty making, or refuse to make, proper child support payments. One out-of-state sheriff's office is cracking down on those who are behind in their child support, and using Facebook to do so.

Ex-wife says lawmaker owes her unpaid child support

Parenting is difficult enough even in the best of circumstances. If a divorce is part of the picture, it can amplify any negativity. Even so, divorcing is sometimes the best choice for parents here in Florida and around the country. When one parent owes child support to the other, it sometimes results in disagreements over what the paying parent owes to the receiving parent. This is the case for an out-of-state lawmaker, whose ex-wife claims that he owes her several thousand dollars in overdue child support payments.

Special financial considerations for "gray divorce"

Divorce is usually considered an issue for people in their 30s and 40s, though it can affect people of any age. Here in Florida and around the nation, researchers are seeing a rise in the numbers of people who file for divorce after turning 50. Though it is becoming more common, there are particular financial implications for people in this age group of which they need to be aware.

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