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January 2019 Archives

Mediation: A more peaceful way to end a marriage

Like other methods of alternative dispute resolution, mediation offers Florida couples an opportunity to resolve their divorce-related disputes without the need for litigation. If you are considering moving forward with the process of ending your marriage, you may want to think about this specific option. This provides many couples considering divorce with a more peaceful, cooperative way to end their marriage.

Lessons from the Bezos divorce for your high asset divorce

Florida couples headed for divorce understand that the process ahead can be difficult and challenging, especially for those with particularly valuable assets or wealth. The prospect of a high asset divorce may seem overwhelming, but there are options that may make this process a bit easier. It is possible to secure terms that allow you to secure your long-term interests, even without going to court.

Serious illness can increase chance of divorce for wives

People decide to divorce for a number of reasons. One reason for divorce that some might not think of right away is illness. Despite the vows "in sickness and in health," many Florida couples find the strain of one partner having a serious illness to be too much to contend with, and so their marriage ends. However, researchers have discovered that the risk of divorce resulting from illness is much higher when the ill spouse is the wife.

Deployed service member allowed to suspend child support payments

Those who are part of the U.S. military here in Florida have made a great sacrifice to the nation. They often experience a great deal more stress than civilians, and that can negatively impact their family life with many military marriages ending in divorce. When children are part of the equation, the question then becomes "how do I care for my children and honor my commitment to my country?" One out-of-state service member and his ex-wife are grappling with that very issue as they attempt to determine what amount of child support he will pay while he is deployed.

What should I expect from property division?

When you divorce, you have to divide your marital property with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Florida law mandates that property division be equitable, which most people wrongly interpret as meaning equal. You should not expect your division of assets to be exactly equal, but you should expect a fair share of marital assets.  

Collaborative divorce may be better option than litigation

Divorce is often a painful and sad process for families, even when it is the best choice for everyone involved. People considering divorce may feel discouraged at the potential for a long legal battle when they are anxious to just start their new life. However, for many people in Florida, there are other options besides fighting out every detail in a courtroom. Some experts recommend mediation or a collaborative divorce as these alternative dispute resolution options can achieve the same end in a much easier process.

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