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November 2018 Archives

Does birdnesting fit into your child custody arrangement?

Florida couples often struggle deciding what to do with the marital home after a divorce. Should one person keep it, and if so, whom? Should they sell it and split the profits? A new child custody trend gives parents a third option -- let the kids keep it.

Avoiding financial mistakes is smart for your post-divorce future

No matter now amicable a couple may be during the divorce process, it is still a difficult and often emotionally challenging process. The stress of ending a marriage can often lead to decisions that are not always wise or sustainable for the future. If you are facing divorce, it is beneficial to learn about common financial mistakes people make in divorce and how to avoid them.

Was your divorce upended by a domestic violence accusation?

Ending a marriage can be an emotionally difficult period of your life, which can be complicated by extenuating circumstances. If your soon-to-be ex has accused you of domestic violence, you have more than just your divorce to worry about. These accusations are often accompanied by restraining orders, and it is very important that you handle these in the correct manner.

Fathers struggle with child support, custody

Florida parents often struggle with adjusting to the new norms laid out by their child custody agreements. However, some fathers say it is not a matter of getting used to a new life, but that of getting the short end of the stick when it comes to child support and custody. Even as parenting expectations change, many dads feel that their ability to parent is not respected after divorce.

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt settle child custody, support issues

Celebrities who choose to utilize prenuptial agreements are often criticized, but is that criticism justified? In the case of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, probably not. The couple recently finalized their divorce in what was a seemingly agreeable process, addressing tough topics such as child custody and spousal support. Their prenuptial agreement may have had a helping hand in concluding things as amicably as possible.

A big paycheck doesn't always mean big alimony payments

Worried about spousal support? You are certainly not alone, and your concerns are valid. While receiving alimony can indeed be important for your ex, you also have your own personal finances to look out for. In Florida, maintaining your own financial stability after your divorce is just as important.

Moving with your child after divorce may be harder than you think

Divorce will bring many significant changes in your life. These changes can continue to affect your life for years to come, including any future moves you may make. If you have minor children, the impact of a potential move and what it means for your custody arrangement could have a significant impact on your ability to relocate as you wish.

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