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September 2018 Archives

Fortnite now a common reason for divorce

Avoiding distractions in a technological world is not just difficult, it may be impossible. Although virtually anything can become a distraction, some couples may be struggling with an issue that is not isolated to Florida or even the United States. Increasingly, Fortnite and other popular online multi-player games are popping up in divorce filings. 

Make co-parenting work well for the sake of the children

As a divorced parent, you understand the importance of protecting your time with your kids and making the most out of the opportunities you have for parenting time. Many Florida parents find it best for their children and themselves to co-parent after divorce. While this is often the most beneficial option for children, it is not always easy for you as the parent. 

Basic necessities and more -- what child support covers

Providing necessary financial support is just another part of being a parent. This is relatively straightforward when a child lives with their parent who deals with all of those little daily costs as they arise, such as paying the rent, buying groceries and making payments during doctor visits. Less clear, however, is how Florida parents should split these costs when they are no longer married. Child support orders ensure that children continue receiving that financial support from both parents, even if they are divorced. 

Father granted full custody after wife lied about abuse

For Florida parents, children are typically the focal point of their divorce. Decisions about everything from property division to where each person will live may always fall back to the same question -- How will it affect the kids? While this intense respect for the children's best interests can be helpful in most cases, some parents take matters too far as they try to shift child custody in their own favor. 

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