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August 2018 Archives

Does having student loans lead to divorce?

Teenagers across Florida the rest of the United States usually all hear some version of the same story -- if they want a good career, they need to go to college. Every year young adults take out more and more student loans to afford their college degrees, and although most realize it is a large sum to pay back, few realize how many facets of their life the debt might affect. Experts are now realizing that student loans can even lead to divorce. 

Prenuptial agreements minimize fighting in divorce

Worth more than $5 million? One family law expert says that this is the financial threshold where fighting during divorce takes a nosedive. What about the upper middle class, who typically have anywhere from $1 to $5 million at their disposal? Well, he recently nicknamed them the fighting class. 

How will a divorce affect your long-term financial well-being?

The end of your marriage will bring significant financial changes to your life, and you may have serious concerns about your future security. A divorce will require adjustments and compromise, but you can still have a strong and stable future. One of the smartest things you can do during divorce is to make decisions that are smart and beneficial for your long-term financial well-being.

Alimony -- can I get it or will I have to pay?

In the not-too-distant past, most people in Florida assumed that men always end up having to pay their exes spousal support. Although it is true that men typically pay alimony more frequently than their female counterparts, it is not because of their gender. Several factors come into play when figuring out who -- if anyone -- pays support.

Divorce and the military -- what you need to know

Military families deal with uniquely trying circumstances. From frequent moves to long periods of separation and demanding jobs, the pressure on marriages is tremendous, and it shows. Florida military members divorce at much higher rates than their civilian peers and must also handle more difficult issues during the process. 

Have questions about permanent alimony?

While many states have abandoned permanent alimony, Florida is not one of them. Here, there is still a belief that it is a necessity in some divorce cases -- but not all. If you are preparing to go through the divorce process, you may have some questions about permanent alimony, such as: Who can get it, is it really permanent, and is it ever adjustable?

Older adults face unique property division challenges

According to the Pew Research Center, the divorce rate for adults over the age of 50 has doubled over the last two decades. This trend, known as "gray divorce," means that many Florida couples who are retired or nearly retired will be undergoing property division. These individuals may have unique concerns and challenges during the divorce proceedings.

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