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May 2018 Archives

Men and women cope with divorce differently

The end of a marriage can be a trying time for any person. The process can come with a period of grief along with the common negotiations of support, property and custody issues. One psychologist has found that men and women tend to face a marital breakup in different ways. Her findings may be of interest to individuals in Florida who may be considering divorce

Behind the increase in gray divorce in the United States

As many Florida readers know, the divorce rate for older Americans has rapidly increased over the last decades. There are many reasons why this specific demographic is experiencing a higher rate of divorce, and the statistics may surprise you. If you are considering divorce at an older age, careful preparation can be beneficial. 

Tips for divorce finance management

It can be tough to maintain your financial balance at the end of a marriage. Lots of changes are happening physically, financially and emotionally, and it is possible to get swept up and overwhelmed in the whirlwind of divorce. Luckily, many people have been through a divorce, and many others are trained to help a person through this trying time. Some of those in the know have gathered some tips to help a person keep their financial sanity during a tough breakup, which can be applied by individuals in Florida.

Dennis Quaid finalizes divorce proceeding

Famous actor Dennis Quaid has reached a settlement agreement with his ex-wife. The settlement includes alimony, child support, custody and property division and represents a complete plan for how the pair will dissolve their 12-year-long partnership. Publicly, the couple maintains that the split was handled amicably and with mutual respect. The positive slant to the high-profile divorce settlement may be a source of inspiration for individuals in Florida considering a split from a partner. 

What happens if I need to move after my divorce?

Life continues to change, even after a Florida divorce is final. What worked for you at the time your divorce was finalized may no longer be effective for you, and sometimes, this may mean you need to move. If you are moving more than just a short distance away from where you currently live, you may need to consider how that will impact your custody and visitation agreement. 

Divorce, property division can affect taxes

A divorce can have a lasting financial impact on an individual. By approaching the matter with a cool head, especially during the property division process, a person may be better prepared to make that impact a positive one and not a negative. In Florida, couples call it quits every day, so experts have compiled a useful checklist for reference while an individual undergoes the divorce process. 

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