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March 2018 Archives

Parents win child custody case against grandmother in Florida

Two parents are rejoicing again with their newborn child. Shortly after the child's birth, Florida officials entered the hospital room and took the newborn, claiming that a custody order had been granted to the maternal grandmother. The grandmother, a Native American, petitioned her tribe for custody and won. However, some say that the tribe did not have jurisdiction in the child custody case. 

Divorce complications can affect credit, homebuying ability

With any luck, the settlement a person makes at the end of a marriage is clear and final so that it won't affect them unexpectedly in the future. However, if during a divorce the settlement is not clear or loose ends are not tied up, lingering credit and debt problems could reduce a person's ability to purchase a home and can damage his or her credit. In Florida, a person can hope to avoid these issues by applying some common suggestions. 

Traditional custody arrangements may not work for modern families

Florida readers know that for many parents, the most difficult aspect of a divorce is deciding how it will impact the children. Custody and visitation are some of the most emotionally challenging and complex issues to address when a marriage is over, and for some families, traditional arrangements do not always work.

Trump, Jr. and wife headed for divorce

The world certainly takes an interest in the lives of the rich and famous. One such couple, Donald Trump, Jr. and his wife Vanessa Trump, are currently making headlines over reports that the pair plan to divorce. No settlement has been reached as of yet, but the famous family continues to provide interesting news stories to the general public, and especially to readers in President Trump's home away from home, Florida. 

Britney Spears' ex seeks child support increase

The ex-husband of pop star Britney Spears is seeking more money to take care of the children. He has full custody of the former couple's two children, and is currently receiving monthly child support payments. He recently asked for more money, citing the singer's increased income and a desire to more fully provide for the needs of the kids. Just like many other Florida parents seeking additional support, the father, Kevin Federline, says that he is willing to take the issue to court if necessary. 

Child custody arrangements more flexible these days

Doting parents usually want the best for their children. Now, many parents believe that a child should be able to have access to quality time with both parents for healthy relationships. Modern parents in Florida are sometimes more likely to want added stability for their children. Today's child custody agreements look different than common arrangements in the past. 

Property division in Florida: Retirement plans

A retirement plan can be a helpful tool for individuals to meet their financial needs after they are ready to stop working. During a divorce, many times retirement plans will be split between the two parties during property division. There are different types of plans, and different methods are used to separate the two. In Florida, a person who uses certain strategies when dividing investment plans can avoid some common fees and penalties. 

Is there a way to make custody exchanges work better?

Child custody is a difficult issue, even long after a divorce is final. Florida parents may find that disputes do not end simply because the divorce process does, and it can be difficult to abide by the terms of the agreement. You may find that the most difficult aspect for you is the exchange process with the other parent.

Florida rapper accused of hiding assets during divorce

Vanilla Ice is back in the headlines, but it's not because of a record deal. The Florida rapper, who was popular in the 1990s, is being accused of hiding assets from his former wife during their divorce. She claims that he put marital funds into business accounts without consulting her. 

Property division: Don't forget the QRDO

During the divorce process, the two parties will likely have to settle some matters pertaining to marital assets. In Florida, if two individuals have been married for a significant amount of time, or are older, they may have investments or retirement plans among the accumulated assets. During property division, the proper forms must be filled out to ensure that investments and retirement accounts can be split between the two parties. One such form is called the Qualified Domestic Relations Order, or QDRO.

Wrong man served with child support papers in Florida

Tracking down the father of a child may not be as easy as one would think. Recently, in Florida, a mix-up at the child support office sent officials to the wrong door. The man was later able to clear his name with the help of the mother of the child. A court case like this one could potentially suffer delays and setbacks unless authorities go after the correct individual. 

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