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February 2018 Archives

More dads are seeking child custody and winning

The best interests of children must always be kept at the heart of parenting agreements. A child deserves to be raised in an environment that is conducive to his or her education, growth and betterment. Recent research shows that both parents play an important role in a child's development, although in the past, courts and judges have tended to award mothers full custody more often. Many fathers in Florida and beyond are now asking for, and receiving, full child custody when it is a better situation for a child. 

Pursuing a strong future through an uncontested divorce

When a Florida couple makes the decision to divorce, it is not an easy choice, regardless of how amicable the two parties may be. This is a difficult and emotionally challenging process, yet some people may find that they could file for an uncontested divorce, which may be easier in various way than a traditional, litigious divorce.

Divorce isn't like what's in the movies

The cinema, as entertaining as it may be, isn't always known for accuracy. Because of time constraints in film, sometimes major life issues and milestones are generalized or wrapped up more easily than in real life. Depictions of divorce are no different, but a person going through a marital breakup in real life likely knows that the actual experience of ending a marriage can be quite different than in the movies. For those about to enter the divorce process in Florida, they may be relieved to know that divorce isn't as debilitating or dramatic as what is seen on film. 

Reverse mortgage may aid property division during divorce

As gray divorces are on the rise, more individuals find themselves in need of a way to ensure housing after a marital breakup. During the property division portion of the divorce process, individuals may find themselves negotiating about how to handle the family home. An older person may have a more sentimental attachment to the family home but is facing a mortgage that he or she can no longer pay. Another person may want to leave the home but will face difficulty being approved for a mortgage. One expert has suggested that the reverse mortgage could be a possible solution -- a point of view that may interest some individuals located in Florida. 

Attentive property division can aid late-in-life divorcees

Many individuals are looking for ways to manage finances both during and after a late-in-life divorce. When emotions are high, it can be a challenge to make decisions and think clearly, but if one expends the effort to do so, the result can be worth it. Individuals in Florida may wish to refer to these possible suggestions in order to be better prepared for the property division portion of the divorce and maximize the benefits for their financial situation. 

Weighing housing decisions during divorce

Both during and after a marital breakup, a person can reasonably expect that he or she may need to make a decision about housing. For individuals in Florida, there are a few options. However, a person will likely benefit from weighing the pros and cons of each option, and choosing the one that best reflects the needs and wants of the new single lifestyle. 

The internet, cyberstalking and your divorce

Florida readers know that for some couples, divorce can be a messy, contentious process. Because of the stress and emotions involved with ending a marriage, one party may feel the temptation to use technology and the internet to spy on or stalk the other party. Some people feel that this could give them an advantage in divorce negotiations or provide grounds for intimidation.

Alimony deduction may rush some couples to divorce in 2018

Some individuals may hang around in a bad marriage for a while, because of the fear of change. A recent change in federal tax law may prompt some unhappy individuals to take the plunge sooner to try and avoid alimony law changes before 2019. An individual in Florida who pays alimony to a spouse will no longer be able to deduct the payments if the marriage is finalized after 2018. 

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