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What does your military service mean for your custody order?

Your service in the United States military affects many aspects of your life, and it is likely it will have an impact on your divorce as well. The end of your marriage will signal many significant changes, and when one or both spouses are in the military, it can complicate certain matters.

Like any other couple, Florida military couples must address certain important issues when negotiating and finalizing a divorce order. From child custody to division of retirement benefits, the obligations of your military career could impact the details of your final agreement. You may find it beneficial to fully explore your options and the ways you can protect your rights during this complex process.

What should you consider during your divorce?

Child custody is one of the most complicated and emotionally charged issues during a divorce. While military service should technically not negatively impact your rights as a parent and the frequency with which you have access to your kids, it is practical to look for ways to address the following issues in a way that suits the best interests of your children:

  • Potential deployments in the future
  • Unexpected temporary deployments or assignments
  • Transfers to other duty stations and military bases

One of the most effective things you can do is to fight for provisions in your custody order that effectively address these things without diminishing your rights as a parent. Kids are more likely to thrive after divorce if they are allowed to maintain a strong relationship with both parents, and you have the right to protect your role as an active and loving parent, even while actively serving in the military.

One of the ways that military families address custody concerns related to military service is to develop a care plan in the event of a deployment or unexpected deployment. These plans include details for short-term care, long-term care plans and other details specific to the care of your children.

Fighting for your parental rights

When your marriage is over, there is likely a lot at stake. You do not have to navigate these delicate concerns on your own, but you may find it helpful to secure guidance as you pursue a beneficial outcome to your custody and visitation concerns. Through negotiations over child custody to the details of your family care plan, you can fight for your rightful place in the lives of your children.

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