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November 2017 Archives

Why properly valuing your business is important

Divorce is a complex process, but it can be especially complex when there are small business assets at stake. As a Florida small business owner, you know that your divorce will have an impact your financial future, but with the right help and a clear understanding of your rights and options, you can protect yourself and the future of your business.

A divorce can bring unexpected blessings

Some people consider the end of any marriage a tragedy, but compelling arguments exist that say this is not always the case. A divorce can often ease many of the stresses in an individual's life and make room for new healthy energy to come in. In Florida, people may be interested to learn about the unexpected blessings of divorce that come along with the ending. 

A child custody plan and a positive view can ease holiday stress

Holidays are busy times for families. They can be just as stressful as they are heart-warming. For families that have recently gone through a divorce, celebrating the holidays can be an extra challenge. In Florida, a thorough child custody agreement can help with the details. A positive outlook can relieve the stress of the holiday, too. 

Will alimony payments go down after tax reform?

After the end of the marriage, some individuals will need to rely on temporary financial aid from their previous partner. Due to certain marital circumstances, some individuals receive alimony payments, but a new tax reform bill could jeopardize the security of alimony payees and recipients alike, experts say. In Florida, it may take careful consideration to determine which spousal support options are the best fit for one's interests. 

Why are some prenuptial agreements rendered invalid?

In their preparations to get married, Florida couples know that there is a lot of preparation and planning involved before the big day. However, you may know that it can also be beneficial to think about your future beyond the big day. One of the ways that you can do this is by drafting a prenuptial agreement.

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