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October 2017 Archives

You can protect your property interests in a divorce

Florida readers know that a divorce will certainly have an impact on the financial state of both parties. If you are facing the end of your marriage, you likely have concerns about how this step will ultimately affect you, even years after the process is final. Fair property division and the terms of your divorce order are vital for your post-divorce well-being, and there are things that you can do to ensure the protection of your interests. 

Florida man supposedly owes more than $100k in child support

In a battle spanning 25 years and two states, one woman still pursues back payments she says are owed to her for the care of her children. The father allegedly owes more than $100k in back child support, according to Florida records. Although the children are now older, the mother still hopes to retrieve the money to send the children to college. 

Don't want to sell your house? Why not let your kids stay there?

When you realized your marriage was heading for divorce, you immediately began to stress out over the logistical issues and various tasks you knew you'd likely undertake in the process. Like most good parents in Florida, your main concern has always been your children's welfare, and you knew they were not going to want to move away from their home. In fact, you dreaded even having to tell them about your plans because you didn't want to upset them.

Alimony and tax concerns

Some find it incredibly helpful to have all their ducks in a row when it comes to tax time. A person receiving alimony and/or child support may be wondering how these payments affect their income at the end of the year. A recent news article shares some tips from the experts that Florida families may find enlightening. 

New military retirement policy may affect divorce agreements

This year, the United States military will make a shift in how it offers financial benefits to enlisted service people. The new format, called the Blended Retirement System, offers a different set of benefits from the previous legacy plan. For military employees in Florida with less than 12 years of experience, they will have until the end of next year to decide whether they choose to enroll in the new program or stick with the old one. The change has at least one person speaking out about potential pitfalls of the program as it relates to divorce

Recordkeeping plays role in child custody responsibilities

Families coping with the end of a marriage have many issues to face. Not the least of these are parenting time when kids are involved, and the division of finances. In Florida, a child custody order may call for a very specific co-parenting arrangement. In order to abide by the order, a person going through the divorce may want to track one's own time with the children, as well as that of the other parent. Some individuals are turning to smartphone technology to help manage this type of tracking. 

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