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August 2017 Archives

Research indicates that shared child custody benefits children

Gone are the days when mom automatically got the kids when a marriage ends. Changing attitudes and recent scientific research both bear out the concept of shared custody. Relationships between child and parent overtake parent-parent relationships after a divorce. In Florida, child custody agreements may soon be taking a turn toward shared custody as the new default as more and more individuals feel that this model is generally in the best interests of a child. 

Property division: Who gets custody of the pooch?

One may not tend to think of dogs as objects with monetary value. In fact, most individuals think of their pets as treasured members of the family. During a divorce in Florida, however, the dogs are considered property and are part of the property division portion of the divorce agreement. 

4 tips for handling divorce from a narcissist

Many individuals may accuse someone they know of narcissism in a joking capacity. Unfortunately, you may know all too well that true narcissism can cause serious issues, especially during a marriage. If your marriage took a turn for the worst after discovering that you had married a narcissist, you may have wondered how you ended up in such a difficult situation in the first place.

Alimony payments are tax-deductible if filed correctly

When a Florida marriage ends, there are many details to sort out. Financial considerations play a large part in the separation of two people's lives. Alimony, when applicable, is support paid directly to an ex-spouse. Child support, which is not tax-deductible,  is paid to one parent for the care and upkeep of the parties' children who have yet to reach the age of majority. Alimony is tax-deductible, although it must be appropriately named and paid in conformity with IRS requirements. 

Florida footballer facing alimony suit

Just in time for his induction into the Football Hall of Fame, one football player is facing a lawsuit. Jason Taylor, formerly a Miami Dolphins star, is being sued by his ex-wife for an alleged default in alimony payments. The case is active in the Florida courts. A recent news story gives more details about the couple and their divorce. 

Divorce and cyberstalking

A lot of people lurk on social media. You may even jokingly admit to stalking someone by scrolling through Facebook posts or looking up friends of friends. Maybe you went on a date and returned home to check out the person's Twitter account. It's harmless, right?

Divorce advice for Florida folks - a divorced mom's point of view

A person's life is continually evolving, and some argue that people generally progress in positive ways and become wiser. The fears of the future dissolve as humans learn new ways to adapt and move on. Some people, when facing divorce, fear the future and the changes that come with dissolving a marriage. One divorced woman has shared her point of view in a recent news article that aims to comfort people facing divorce, whether they are in Florida or anywhere across the country. 

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