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July 2017 Archives

Alimony and assets dispute for Florida couple

One couple is continuing an ongoing legal battle related to the end of their marriage. The alimony and assets divorce case has been remanded back to the trial court by an appellate court. The Florida couple's significant assets and financial relationship with a former father-in-law has complicated the resolution of the case. 

Could a restraining order have purpose in your divorce?

Many people find themselves in relationships that turn dangerous. Domestic violence and other forms of abuse may affect you or someone you know, and as a result, filing for divorce may seem like the only option of keeping yourself safe from your spouse. However, you may worry about what type of repercussions the decision may cause.

One size doesn’t fit all: Florida’s different types of alimony

Your marriage was not like anyone else’s, so even though Florida judges do have a basic guideline for awarding alimony, they are not required to treat all divorcing couples the same. Our legal team at The Law Firm of Chris E. Ragano, P.A., has often counseled clients about how the statutes may apply to them, and what to expect based on their unique circumstances.

Florida cities on list with most divorced people

Florida residents know that many things go into determining whether a marriage will stay together or not. Even those people who choose to stay married may do so not because they are truly happy but for other reasons. While some reports have suggested that the overall divorce rate in America has declined or stabilized in recent years, it can still be interesting to see trends relating to divorce in America.

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