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March 2016 Archives

The effect of prolonging a divorce decision on kids

It is normal when a decision to end their marriage takes Florida couples a long time to make. Deciding to divorce is not easy for most people and may take a considerable amount of thought. When parents prolong their decision, however, it may be confusing to their children.

The importance of parenting plans in a divorce

When Florida parents of young children decide to get a divorce, they will likely have joint legal custody in most cases, allowing each of them to have a say in major decisions affecting their offspring such as religion and schooling. Prior to going to family court, it is recommended that the parents negotiate the terms of their separate parenting roles and document their decisions within a formal parenting plan. This process reduces the chances of disputes going unresolved and forcing a court to impose terms.

Protecting retirement during a divorce

Florida residents who are at or older than 50 and who are facing the end of their marriages might wonder how they can protect their retirement during a divorce. Though becoming newly single can have an effect on financial stability, there are steps people can take to make sure that their retirement plans continue on course.

Sherri Shepherd loses again in child support battle

Floridians who have been following the case of Sherri Shepherd, the former co-host of "The View" who refused to acknowledge her child born through surrogacy. In the case, Ms. Shepherd had signed a surrogacy contract with her then-husband to use his sperm and a donor egg for a baby. During the surrogate's pregnancy, the couple separated and engaged in a nasty battle, resulting in Ms. Shepherd trying to negate the contract and disavow the child.

How to handle a contested divorce

If a Florida couple decides to end their marriage, they may be able to settle some of the matters such as asset division and custody through negotiations. However, if an agreement cannot be reached, the proceedings might end up in a courtroom. This can be the case even if there is only one area of disagreement.

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