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Child custody trend has parents migrating back and forth

Individuals facing the end of their marriage may have a new option to consider when it comes to taking care of the children. The child custody arrangement known as a bird's nest is gaining in popularity with some families, even if it is only utilized temporarily. Some families in Florida find that the arrangement can help with their child's transition after a divorce. 

During a bird's nest style of custody, the parents take turns living in a central family home while the child remains in the home full-time. At the other times, each parent has a separate residence that he or she uses while the other co-parent is in the home with the kids. This arrangement allows the children to have little disruption to their home life while the parents untangle their marriage during a divorce. 

Preparing for divorce while serving in the US military?

As a member of the U.S. military in Florida, you understand how challenging it can be when military life and civilian life conflict with one another. For instance, if you're one of many military members who currently happen to be preparing for divorce, there are federal, state and military regulations that may impact your situation. Just thinking about trying to keep it all straight may be enough to make your head spin! While you want to fulfill your military obligations, you also want to achieve a fair settlement.

It's understandable that you don't want one aspect of your life to negative affect the other. The good news is you are not the first military service member to divorce nor is it likely that you'll be the last. There are already support networks in place to help you overcome any obstacles that arise and secure a smooth transition into the next phase of your life. There are also useful facts to remember as you navigate the divorce process from a military standpoint.

Reality star wants child custody reassessed

Two stars continue to battle over parenting issues after their separation. Rob Kardashian, former reality star, and his ex, Black Chyna, separated after the birth of their baby, Dream. The couple originally reached a child custody and support settlement, but recent events have led Rob to go to a judge to request changes. While the news is making headlines, even here in Florida, the situation is a common one for individuals attempting to co-parent with an ex. 

It has been reported that there were issues brewing between the two based on the acts of Chyna, but the final straw came recently. Apparently, Chyna was recorded attacking a person with a stroller in a Six Flags theme park. Reports indicate that Kardashian is concerned for the safety of his child. 

Politician's divorce may see property division of Florida condos

The pending divorce of one famous politician and his wife of 15 years may soon have them splitting up their vacation homes. The two Florida condos they own together are worth an estimated $4 million. The couple, former mayor Rudy Giuliani and his wife Judith, enjoy spending their free time in Florida. The property division process of the two homes could certainly be an issue.

One of the two homes is valued at $600,000. It was an earlier purchase in their marriage, and the home is not in the glitziest neighborhood. The couple found that they enjoyed the Florida lifestyle so much that they eventually upgraded to another South Florida condo in a more fashionable neighborhood. That home is currently valued at $3.3 million. 

Knowing fathers' rights can help you protect custody rights

As a father in Florida, you understand the importance of protecting your rights, especially in the event that your marriage ends or your relationship with your child's mother ends. Most fathers have a rightful claim to an active role in the lives of their children, but it is always prudent to have a clear understanding of your specific rights and how to protect them.

Children greatly benefit when they have regular access to both parents. It is in the best interests of your child for you to have visitation time and even share custody. Despite this fact, custody issues are complex, and it can be difficult to negotiate an arrangement that truly reflects your parental rights and the interests of your kids.

Creative ways to announce a divorce

Celebrities live very public lives. That's why, recently, two famous movie stars came together to announce their divorce together on social media. The everyday Florida resident may not find the need to announce the end of a marriage to a throng of fans, but he or she can take some style advice from Channing Tatum and Jenna Delwan Tatum and announce an intent to divorce in a way that is civilized and respectful.

The two posted an identical message on social media at the same time, stating that they mutually decided to end their marriage, but also expressing their intent to co-parent peacefully and also asking for privacy. The pair was beloved by their fans and some are sad about the ending, but the manner in which the couple have chosen to break it off can be envied. Surely the announcement came after informing their closest loved ones, including their children, but early enough to stop any speculation. 

Property division gets a modern twist in 2018

When two people separate, it can be expected that they may not see eye to eye on everything. After all, if they were in total harmony, they probably wouldn't be separating. Florida property division laws were created so that divorcing couples could have a guideline to go by and keep things fair. In the current age, couples are disputing ownership of some modern types of property and keeping lawyers on their toes. 

One such modern dispute is who gets ownership of frozen embryos. Technological advances have allowed couples to freeze embryos in hopes of later realizing parenting dreams. When the pair decide to separate, the embryos are treated as personal property like any other. Some judges have decided, though, that it is not permissible to force another person to become a parent against his or her will. Therefore, both parties must agree if a decision is made to try and carry the embryo to term. 

Parents win child custody case against grandmother in Florida

Two parents are rejoicing again with their newborn child. Shortly after the child's birth, Florida officials entered the hospital room and took the newborn, claiming that a custody order had been granted to the maternal grandmother. The grandmother, a Native American, petitioned her tribe for custody and won. However, some say that the tribe did not have jurisdiction in the child custody case. 

The parents say that the grandmother made false claims of abuse against them in order to gain custody of the child. They say that she did not appreciate the fact that the child's father was white. However, the grandmother maintains that her claims that the father is a violent person are true. 

Divorce complications can affect credit, homebuying ability

With any luck, the settlement a person makes at the end of a marriage is clear and final so that it won't affect them unexpectedly in the future. However, if during a divorce the settlement is not clear or loose ends are not tied up, lingering credit and debt problems could reduce a person's ability to purchase a home and can damage his or her credit. In Florida, a person can hope to avoid these issues by applying some common suggestions. 

For example, in the final divorce decree, when assigning debt, one should be very specific. Instead of saying just "Visa card," one should add the account number and the exact balance. Steps should be taken to remove one's name from joint accounts so that the person's ex will not be able to make additional purchases and rack up the bill. Even if a settlement assigns the debt to one person, a creditor will come after any person whose name is on the account.

Traditional custody arrangements may not work for modern families

Florida readers know that for many parents, the most difficult aspect of a divorce is deciding how it will impact the children. Custody and visitation are some of the most emotionally challenging and complex issues to address when a marriage is over, and for some families, traditional arrangements do not always work.

It is becoming more common for families to choose nontraditional custody arrangements. While your custody situation may be rather straightforward, it can be helpful to know that you have the right to work on a resolution that works for your unique family. Every situation is different, and you can work on an arrangement that meets the best interests of your kids.

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