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Family law cases involve the things that matter most to you — your children and your property. When your future, and the future of your family, is in any way jeopardized, the law firm you choose to represent and protect those things is an important decision that will affect your family's future.

The South Tampa Law Group, P.A. in Tampa, has earned a reputation for taking on the toughest and most contested divorce and family law cases. We represent the "average Joes" as well as the doctors, lawyers, athletes, individuals in the corporate private sector and the like. We have achieved successful outcomes for our clients because we approach each case with experience, knowledge of the law, thorough investigation and discovery and an unrelenting desire to win.

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Our family law firm is diligent in preparing every case as if it were going to trial. We have access to professional experts such as investigators, forensic accountants, mental health professionals and other experts to provide us with the information we need to prepare your case to win. Our reputation throughout Tampa Bay is that The South Tampa Law Group, P.A. prepares each case as if it were going to trial. As a result, if even the most remote possibility exists that a case can be settled at mediation, it is because we are ready — and our opponent knows it.

Our founding partner and lead trial attorney, Chris E. Ragano, has been practicing law since 1996. He started his legal career as a public defender where he handled numerous domestic violence cases. This is when he made the decision to go into private practice specializing in family and marital law. Chris Ragano is an experienced and tenacious litigator who has tried thousands of cases over the course of his career.

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