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Proposed law to reform spousal support

Spousal support, or alimony as it is commonly referred to in Florida, is a hot button issue in many divorces. According to the Sun Sentinel, the Sunshine State is one of only a few states that have lifelong spousal support payments. As things currently stand, Floridians who divorce and receive alimony payments will continue to receive them for the length of their spouse’s life. The exception is that those payments stop if the supported spouse remarries.

Do I need to change my insurance policies post-divorce?

When you go through a divorce in Tampa, the number of changes you must deal with can be overwhelming. While making changes to your insurance policies may not be one your highest priorities, it is important and can go a long way toward making sure the proper protections are in place. Here are some of the main ones you may want to consider taking a look at.

How will assets be split in my Florida divorce?

When you have irreconcilable differences with your spouse and divorce is inevitable, your major focus may naturally be to protect your assets and financial interests. The trick in many cases is distinguishing between what belongs solely to you versus what is considered marital property, which is subject to division during the divorce proceeding. A few tips may help you to successfully fight for your fair share of assets during the dissolution of a marriage in the state of Florida.

What impact can social media have on a divorce?

While social media is known for bringing people together, it can actually be quite a hindrance in terms of divorce. To this end, Tampa couples going through divorce must be prudent when it comes to their social media usage. Not only can excessive posting give rise to negative emotions and hurt feelings, it might also incur serious ramifications if you’re not careful about what you share with your friends and family.

Do women have a harder time than men after a divorce?

A divorce is never easy on anyone, no matter how prepared they are. However, studies have shown that the divorce process, as well as the following years, may be especially difficult on women. If you are a Tampa woman who is considering a divorce, it may help to be prepared for the emotional and financial stress you might experience.

When the kids are not all right

At first glance, the adult children of divorcing parents in Tampa, Florida, may seem better equipped to cope with the situation than younger children. Such an upheaval of the family is stressful at any time of life, however, and it is important for older parents to remember that grown children are still highly affected by divorce, even if issues of custody, support and visitation are no longer at stake.

Hiding assets from your spouse may bring trouble

You are not the first person in Florida to contemplate opening that offshore account without your spouse's knowledge. Whether your divorce is imminent or you are simply building a contingency plan, hiding money from a spouse is a step many take at various points in their marriages.

Navigating the complications of a military divorce

Divorce is a difficult process, but it can be particularly challenging for a person who is in the military or married to a service member. These cases come with special challenges, and it is important to work with a lawyer who has experience in both Florida divorce laws and the complex issues unique to a military divorce.

The challenges of the holidays for couples

The holidays can be a time full of fun and joy. However, they can also have their challenges. For example, married couples can sometimes run into trouble during the holidays. Among the many unique things that can come along with the holidays is unique potential sources of arguments. When holiday-related fighting takes over a couple’s relationship, it might not only ruin the holidays for them, but also have impacts on the long-term viability of their relationship.

Report: Tampa the 30th most single-friendly city in the U.S.

Among the things a person may find challenging after a divorce is adjusting back to single life. Many different things can impact how smoothly this transition ends up going for a divorced person. This includes how good of a place the area that they live in is for singles.

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