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What are the alimony payment enforcement procedures?

If you are receiving alimony in Florida, you may wonder what you can do if your ex-spouse stops paying the court-ordered alimony. This is a common issue that the law has set standards for. The Florida Statutes state that a person who stops paying alimony without a prior agreement or order to do so will be held in contempt.

Will Florida divorce its old alimony laws?

No matter what your financial circumstances have been throughout your marriage, now that you are facing a divorce, you probably have genuine concern for your future. If you spent many years staying home raising children or gave up a career so your spouse could relocate frequently with his or her job, you likely have few individual assets.

Is alimony available for stay-at-home moms?

Alimony trends are changing in Florida and across the country. In the past, this court-mandated disbursement of money from one spouse to another was relatively standard, and it was often sufficient for stay-at-home moms to support themselves and their children. Now, according to Forbes, the courts may look less favorably on your wishes to continue staying home after a divorce. Since culture has changed regarding workplace opportunities between the sexes, many judges rationalize that you should be able to find employment to support yourself rather than relying upon your former husband.

Alternate methods for obtaining alimony

With more and more people becoming divorced each year, many ex-spouses are finding themselves in the position of trying to receive alimony after the marriage has been dissolved. reports that Florida boasts one of the highest rates of divorce in the country. At number seven on the list of top states for divorce, the married portion of the state’s population is less than half at 46 percent. Over 13 percent of the residents are already divorced and another 2.2 percent have separated. Many of these divorced people find themselves struggling to receive the alimony they are supposed to be given.

Judge rules man must pay alimony despite prenup

A Florida couple might draw up a prenuptial agreement hoping it will protect both of them from spousal support obligations, but this is not always the case. On June 8, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit ruled that a divorced man who signed an Affidavit of Support to bring his immigrant spouse to the United States was still obligated to support her under that immigration document despite a prenuptial agreement that stated otherwise.

Alimony and time-sharing bill vetoed

Florida governor Gov. Rick Scott has vetoed Senate Bill 250, which would have brought sweeping changes to Florida's alimony and parental time-sharing laws. The bill would have limited judges' discretion in awarding alimony after a divorce and created a presumption for equal parental time-sharing for men and women in divorce cases.

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